So-called “journalists” are in full spin mode, trying to obfuscate away the plague of Ukrainian Nazis. Now that the photos and videos are E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, cannot be contained, and the lies told about it are O-B-V-I-O-U-S, the CIA’s fallback position is to make them the good kind of Nazis.

The Nation rag lets us know it’s just Azov–the “battalion”, now “regiment” –they use both terms in the article– that is everywhere in Ukraine, and also visits Washington D.C. Despite being wiped out repeatedly comes back to life to fill up with the admitted-to Nazis. This is the CIA’s original strategy: it’s just THEM, this “small” group of “volunteers” that isn’t a big deal. So they keep saying. How small? Impossible to know.

Are they a big deal if they start World War Three?

But it’s not just “Azov”, though, is it? It never was. This is propaganda for the simpleton majority who cannot find Ukraine on a map.

Ukraine Parliament Cheers Nazi Collaborator

Ukraine is the center of Naziism in the world today, which rational people might find problematic–giving them billions in weapons and cash to attack a nuclear superpower. They started the war after overthrowing DEMOCRACY in 2014. Now they are sold, with a straight face, as defending democracy from evil Russia. The cognitive dissonance is as big as the Covid pandemic. Nazis for democracy: have another trillion dollars.

Despite telling us all about the Nazi “battalion,” that has been a part of the Ukrainian official military for years, The Nation claims:

“Ukraine, despite Putin’s lies, is not teeming with fascists, which is why the National Corps has performed abysmally in elections.”

Where’s the statement that’s allegedly a lie? No substantiation needed in US propaganda. They skip right past the head of today’s Ukrainian military, Zaluzhny being an open Nazi. The guy actually in control of Ukraine is a Nazi, but I guess the CIA and The Nation would rather have you look at the Jewish clown who plays piano with his penis on stage.

Which one would a reasonable person conclude is more in control of Ukraine?

Across the western apologetics, we get the same CIA-supplied Big Lie about that one “Battalion” that is a Putin, Putin, Putin “lie.” This is war propaganda for children.

Another spin article at “Bulwark” annoyed me particularly. The headline asks:

Ukrainian Troops and Nazi Symbols?

“Are we the baddies?”

Some tool named Cathy Young says: “THE KREMLIN TALKING POINT that Ukraine is run by a Nazi junta…” blah blah. The intent is clear from the first line.

Says Bulwark:

“the Times’s attempt at nuance was singled out for particular derision.”

Those “nuanced” Nazis. That’s the new good kind, I suppose. She’s on overdrive spinning away for her paymasters. In the next section, she types:

“FAR-RIGHT MOVEMENTS in Ukraine are a real problem.”

Oh. Thank you for letting us think that. Then she goes on to lie and lie about how they really aren’t. Her Nazi friends shot artillery shells randomly into Donetsk city for eight years murdering at least 9,000 innocent civilians of Russian descent. That part of the story doesn’t warrant mentioning, of course. They’re just a small problem because the CIA says so.

How many lives has the war in Donbass taken?

They’ll never address the obvious logical fallacy they all shovel: what sort of country allows this “bad” Azov Nazi regiment into its official armed forces in the first place? What kind, Cath?

US media is trying to sell YOU Naziism. It’s not the old kind. It’s new and improved. I shit you not.

Anyway, 87% of THE WORLD still knows who the bad guys are.

Nazi collaborator monuments in Ukraine

U.S. And Ukraine, Only Two Countries Vote Against UN Resolution Condemning Nazism



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